A personal experience of owning a 2003 Jaguar S-Type with a LURCHING ZF Gearbox 
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 Independent Engineer's Reports on my Jaguar S-Type - From the AA (UK) and TCS (Switzerland)

Independent Reports - Written reports on my S-Type from professional Motoring Organisations.

My Jaguar S-Type has been independently tested by the professional and respected Motoring Organisations of the AA in the UK (since 1905) using fully equipped Garage facilities (AA website) and the TCS (Travel Club Switzerland since 1896) at their modern test centre in Aarau (TCS website). Both of these organisations commented on the lurching ZF Gearbox and heat damaged brakes on my S-Type. Excerpts from these written reports are shown below (Deutsch unten ).

The Automobile Association AA
Inspection No : 0700009020804
Date: 28/7/2004

Fault AA Recommendation
ZF Gearbox Lurch Investigate lurching when coming to rest
Kickdown Defect - Noise from rear. Severity : essential
Brake performance Creaks when applied. A full visual brake examination is required.
Left rear disc Essential repair : overheated. A full visual brake examination is required. (see Jaguar TSBs)
Right rear caliper Essential repair : Sticky residue. Clean off, identify leakage(s) and rectify (See Multimedia)
Brake performance Essential repair : Clunking. A full visual examination is required.
  Comments : Brake discs
The rear right brake disc shows clear evidence of overheating. Dismantling and a full visual brake inspection is recommended, rectification work carried out as required and a full brake performance check. (see Jaguar TSBs)
Uneven tyre wear Essential repair : The uneven tyre wear pattern indicates the need for the steering and suspension geometry to be checked adjusted.
Essential repair : A full steering and suspension check is recommended due to evidence of uneven tyre wear. (see Jaguar TSBs)
Steering wheel Essential repair : Not symmetrical. Ensure geometry is correct then centralise
  Comments : Roadtest
The vehicle displays and excessive tendency to drift to the left on the road, which must be investigated and rectified.
Defect - Pulls to left
Engine Essential repair : Erratic idle speed. Investigate and rectify. (see Jaguar TSBs)
Performance Essential repair : Erratic. Engine speed erratic at 1200 - 1400 rpm. (see Jaguar TSBs)
Visible wiring Essential repair : Boot area loom wet. Fully check ALL affected systems and rectify
  Comments : Bodywork
Water ingress evidence exists in the luggage area. This must be investigated, rectified and eh affected area fully dried out.
Battery Essential repair : Slight discharge. Investigate and rectify.
Results Comment
Fault TCS Comment
Auto Beim leichten Beschleunigen Quitsch-Knarzgeräusch rechts (tendenzeil hinten)
Automatikgetriebe Starker Schaltstoss beim Ausrollen kurz vor Stillstand (vorallem kalt)
Bremse vorn leichtes Geräusch - Bei leichtem Bremsen kurz vor Stillstand oder beim Bremsen lösen und Wegfahren
Bremsscheibe links hinten - Ueberhitzungsspuren bläuliche glasige Oberfläche
Lenkgeometrie Fz. zieht leicht nach links - lenkgeometrieeinstellung innerhalb den Sollwerten - e. Reifen
Lenksäule abnormales Geräusch - Wenn Fzg warm leichtes Quitschen beim Lenken - Bereich Lenksäule

These professional reports confirm the problems of the ZF Gearbox Lurch and the Brake problem that I have personally experienced with my S-Type. Other owners also comment on these problems (see owners' feedback).

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