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Air Conditioning - Air Conditioning Lockout problem and Screen Lockout

During the first winter I owned the car (2002/2003) I became aware of a fault with the automatic climate control. When the temperature was below 0°C the automatic feature would switch off leaving the heater to blow steadily hot air. Pressing the "Auto" button on both the dashboard or Sat Nav screen had no effect - A small beep sounded when pressing the button and the display was fixed at 23°C. It very quickly became unbearably hot in the car.

See the following Movie :
Flash Movie Air_con_lockout in the Multimedia Section

The ONLY way to rectify this Lockout was to pull in at the side of the road and restart the car - which on the Motorway/Autobahn/Heavy Traffic is sometimes not practicable or possible, thus requiring myself and passengers to drive with the window open in the middle of winter. (Still it meant I could also reset the faulty lights).

I repeatedly commented on this to my Dealer the first month after taking delivery of my S-Type on 10/01/2003 :

"I am also experiencing a software problem with the air-conditioning. It very often starts in defrost mode (because it is now so cold) but I am not able to switch this mode off. The temperature inside the car gets too hot. The ONLY way I can adjust the temperature when this happens is to switch the car off and start again, or open the windows. This is surely not correct - and just not possible when on the Autobahn ! Is this a known problem ?"

I was told I had the latest update to the Climate software but my Air Conditioning continued to lockout so I continued to write on the 11/08/2003 :

"In addition, I also have the Air-conditioning glitch - it switches off. This happened many times when the outside temperature was low in winter, and is now happening also when the outside temperature is hot. It happened last week.

When the Air-conditioning switches off I cannot change the temperature settings. In winter the interior becomes so hot I have to open a window. The only way to reset the system is to stop my car by the side of the road and switch the engine off and on. This is totally unacceptable."

I also mentioned it AGAIN in my letter to Mr. Joseph Greenwell, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, of Jaguar UK on 15th April 2004. Still no comment.

I repeatedly asked my Dealer to be informed of any upgrade. I was NEVER contacted to inform me of any upgrade.

I finally had to take a copy of TSB S412-05 (see Jaguar TSBs : Technical Service Bulletins) in MYSELF to my Dealer in MAY 2004 to get upgraded. I was with malfunctioning Air Conditioning and no support from my Dealer since November 2002. Since then the Air Conditioning has been working but the screen occasionally malfunctions requiring a restart - see below.

NOTE: One side-effect of "upgrading" the Air-Conditioning/Satellite Navigation software is the deletion of the 3D map display. That feature is no longer available after this upgrade.

Navigation Screen Lockout

Occasionally my Navigation Screen has refused to start. The touch screen works but there is NO DISPLAY. This is difficult to show in an image - it looks just like the car is switched off but you can see this fault very clearly in this Movie :

Flash Movie Screen_lockout_1

Again the ONLY way to rectify this is to switch the car off - and on again.

So if you see an S-Type at the side of the road - it is probably resetting the Lights or Air Conditioning. Or the Radiator is leaking. Or ... (See List of Faults and Multimedia)

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