A personal experience of owning a 2003 Jaguar S-Type with a LURCHING ZF Gearbox 
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Owners' Feedback - Taken from sources throughout the Internet. What some owners with similar problems are saying about their Jaguar S-Type - their personal reviews of S-Type ownership and experiences of the ZF Transmission (6HP26) Lurch, rear brake issues and premature tyre wear. Auch Deutsch siehe unten. (Updated 21st Mayy 2006 with a growing list of over 100 owners' comments).

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I was a Jaguar test driver for about ten years before retiring a little less than two years ago. I have thousands and thousands of miles in the six speed ZF gearbox. A few early cars had the lurch that developed soon after going on the road but most didn't. The lurch I'm describing, and labeled Variant 1 on Dave's page, occurred when rolling to a stop and there is suddenly a severe bump and your first inclination is look in the rear view mirror to see who rear-ended your car. The engineers tore out their hair and e-mails and data flowed back and forth to the UK regarding this problem. As I recall the lurch was resolved in some cars at least temporarily and some cars just disappeared. We carried portable diagnostic units so we could pull fault codes, record data and clear the codes. The lurch produced no codes we could record. Jaguar Test Driver / Arizona

registration required

Starting in February this year, when the car was 15 months old, I started getting the 2-1 rollout 'lurch' - variant 1 on this site.  Of course I didn't know it as this at the time, but when I found this site I felt so much better! At least I knew I wasn't alone, and the info on this site has put me in SUCH a powerful position with the dealer, as I could speak in terms they understood, quote TSB numbers, and so on - they instantly recognised the problem when I first raised it. They found this website very interesting!  Actually the service team at my dealer have been superb throught the many attempts at fixing it. 

After four attemps involving new software levels over a 9 month period, specific ways of resetting the adaptations, speaking with Jaguar tech support and so on, three weeks ago I finally had the gearbox replaced.  500 miles now and it's still fine, which is positive since each attempt at fixing it with new software caused it to be fine for about 200-300 miles, then it began again. Lets hope this fix is permanent now.  I gather that *lots* of gearboxes have been replaced.  My dealer has done several, so multiply that up across the country / Europe...


2.7D SE
United Kingdom

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My S-Type has just been looked at by technicians from the Jaguar factory who say the rear brake drag is normal on the S-Type and they will not do anything to cure it.

What this means is premature rear brake pad failure is normal, as no doubt is written off rear disks and associated poor fuel consumption due to the permanently dragging rear brakes. I wonder if mine will make its first service at 15,000 miles before the pads wear completely and metal to metal contact results.

Make of this what you will, but for an 11 week old car with 5000 miles on the clock I think it's a very poor situation. Guess I should have bought a Lexus / BMW / Mercedes after all!!!

Anybody have any suggestions as to where I go now to get this fixed?
Wonder if trading standards will be interested?

Kevin (S-Type Diesel SE)

Jag-lovers Forum
I thought you might like to know my experience with the Jaguar S type, and
you may wish to post this on your forum:

I am a Brit living in Italy and like to wave the flag whenever possible, to that end I have been buying Jaguar for the last few years. I currently run an S-Type diesel and after 25,000km I am experiencing vibration when driving along - it's transmission not engine related since its' frequency is linked to the road speed. The local Jaguar garage told me that tyres are the cause, since the tracking was out. The steering geometry has been reset, tyres balanced, and swapped over front to back, all done at my expense but showing no improvement. Jaguar still continue the blame on the tyres, but when I offered that they change them at their expense and if indeed the tyres are the cause then I will repay them, they lose confidence ........ Does anyone have any other ideas ?

I'm also experiencing from time to time "the lurch" plus the illumination
on the aircon display keep flickering, both faults according to my local
main agent are "normal".

I called Jaguar UK who refuses to get involved, they have no interest at all in what happens overseas ! I will remember this when I order my next car after the summer and when I hear Jaguar crying that they are losing money, I would have thought that the Rover fiasco would have taught the British motoring industry a few lessons in customer care, but obviously I'm wrong.

It's a pity that a great marque is let down by poor after sales service,
perhaps it's time to wave a Japanese flag ?

Best regards
Bob Hibberd
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The problems outlined on your web site strike a cord, so far I have been back to a dealer once to complain of harsh shifts particularly when setting off with a cold engine (sometimes accompanied with a restricted power warning), they flashed the gear box, while this brought some improvement I still considered the performance of the box to be disappointing in terms of lack of smoothness in the lower gears, up or down shift. Of course such judgement is subjective and I confess it is not based on a like for like comparison. My bench mark is my wife’s 1.3 Toyota Yaris (Automatic); the Yaris in terms of smoothness of shifts is the better car to drive.

Since the Dealer carried out the repair the box has become progressively worse and symptoms “Lurch 1 & 2” are becoming fairly regular occurrences, so the car will be back to the Dealer in the near future, unfortunately the experiences reported on your web site do not fill me with confidence regarding Jaguar’s/ZF’s ability to fix the problem.

Has anyone reported a permanent solution or is the answer to cut and run?

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I can’t tell you how much better I feel to know that I’m not alone in this world of LURCHING s-types!!!

I own a 2003 S-Type-R that is currently experiencing both variants of the lurch outlined in your website.  The transmission has been flashed twice now using TSB S307-17 but it comes back after maybe 300 miles or so.   I’m taking it in for a 3rd flashing in 2 weeks.  My dealer is of course saying “They all do that” and that it’s “a characteristic of the car”.  I’m asking for a new transmission but they’re basically telling me to get lost.   My questions are these:

  1. Shouldn’t the re-flash work after only one re-flashing?  Why is it that mine is coming back after roughly 300 miles?
  2. Do I need to tell them to do it a certain way?  
  3. What recourse do I have with JaguarUSA?  Any chance that they’ll actually swap out the transmission after 38K miles?  
Anyway, any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks again for creating such an informative website for all of us who are being ignored by Jaguar.

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I have exactly the same problems you had with your 2003 S-type, with a 2005 S-type.  My car has 17,000 miles on it and I am leasing it here in the U.S.  This is now the second time I have had it in to the dealer with the "lurch" and each time it gets worse.  It's funny because when I took it in last week and described the problem as a "jerking," the service manager wrote it up on the receipt as a "lurch."  Obviously, he had experience with this problem.  It's three days now and I would guess they are trying to come up with a TSB that fits this to get around having to put a new transmission in it.  My car is still under warranty.

Your experience was rather disheartening, considering it happened two years ago and Jaguar still hasn't fixed the problem. 

I was just wondering if things had changed as to how to approach Jaguar on this problem.  I could learn from any tips you have to give to me.

Thanks for your time.

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I have a 2004 S-type diesel with  the ZF box and it has got "The Lurch". Not all the time,occasionally. My main dealer is one of the good ones and they do try as much as they can. I have e-mailed Jaguar on the subject----- no reply to date. I have e-mailed ZF on the subject-------no reply to date. This motor was and is an expensive piece of equipment, it cost me a lot of my retirement savings, and I am not a happy man.  So, come on Jaguar, inform us of any progress being made to resolve the matter.   Regards Brian

Follow up :

Please feel free to use my  e-mail on your web site. Since the last re-flash last week I  have been to France and gave the car a lot of hard work, It never did "the lurch" once. Now i'm back home doing short local trips with it it lurches occasionally.

Follow up :

There have been developments with "The Lurch" on my S type. Very expensive developments! My main dealer (as I said, one of the good ones) have had the car back a few times in the last 10 days and it ran oO.K. for them until Thursday morning. Out on a test drive with the engineer and the gearbox threw a fit. Result----- they found a wire in the control module corroded through. All credit to Jaguar, wiring AND gearbox replaced under warranty. So for the time being I am a happy man. Regards Brian

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E-Mail : My Jaguar S-Type MY2003 Experience vs. S-Type MY2001

I read with interest the problems listed on your web-site. Thought you might be interested in my experiences of my current s-type 3.0 SE purchased in Nov-2003 which replaced an Oct-2003 s-type 3.0 Spirit auto. Whilst in general the 2003 car is a far better piece of kit e.g. handling and interior the 2001 car was completely fault free.

Since new the gearbox has ‘hunted’ at around 30 to 55mph which is very noticeable when cold. It feels like the gearbox is struggling to change up or down. These symptoms disappear after 30 mins when the car has warmed up however until then it is uncomfortable and there is a definite noise associated with this. I haven’t experienced the lurch.

I reported the problem at the first service and the gearbox was remapped (flashed) which didn’t make a difference. At second service (May-05) I reported the problem again. This time the workshop manager took the car for a test drive and couldn’t spot the problem (probably because the car was warm). He them accompanied me on a test drive but again the car behaved as it was warm. However we talked through the symptoms experience and result was diagnosed as a faulty torque converter which is apparently a known problem. This will be replaced, under warranty, this week. Hopefully this will cure the problem.

At the second service (21K) the rear brake pads and discs were reported as worn and need replacement in 1 to 2K miles and quoted £400 to replace ! I find this totally unreasonable. These items should last 40K+. Now for the comparison with my 2001 s-type – no problem with brake pad / disc wear, the car went beyond 30K without reports of wear. I have driven the 2003 car in exactly the same way over the same commuting journey.

Again at second service the rear tyres reported as needing replacement with approx 2K miles life (i.e. 23K since new). On the 2001 car I never replaced the tyres at part exchange time at 33K miles there was still 3mm all round.

Fuel Consumption
The 2003 car is slightly worse that the 01 car 27 vs. 28mpg. I would have expected an improvement, especially with the 6 speed gearbox (previous car was 5 speed auto).

Jaguar S-Type 3.0SE Auto MY2003

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I have been featured on "The Lurch" before. I am in Greece and have a 2003 S-Type 2.5 Executive. I have experienced most of the problems listed. Most of them I dismissed as non-problems until I read about others having them also, in which case it elevated my awareness.

I bought the car in July 2003 for 75.000 euro. I now have 23.000 km and the car is worth about 33.000 euro. Not a bad return on investment.

The dealer has replaced the transmission (early stages of the lurch, car was less than 1 month old with 550 km on it, where transmission fault light came on. Since then, I believe they have disconnected it.) They have replaced the parking brake pump (again, early stages of ownership - within the first 2 weeks - as the parking brake light was coming on as i was driving).

At the first service which I was forced to do at 14.000 km because of worn brake pads, they charged me 780 euro. Now, 9.000 km later, I am due for another service since again the brake pads are worn, the lurch is ever present, but, I have found a solution.

I have purchased a small Clio which serves two purposes.

1. Saves wear and tear on the Jag which in any case is extensive and expensive.
2. After driving a Clio, no matter what the Jag does is a step up.
3. Maybe with the money I save on gas and service, I can make up some of the money I lost on depreciation of the Jag.

Good Luck to all.
First and last Jag

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May 2005


I recently purchased a 3ltr Stype SE automatic - unfortunately the car seems to suffer from the 'gear-box' lurch that I understand is a common fault. The main problem is when pulling away and the transition between the first couple of gears..

I've had the car in at jaguar for the software upgrades etc, but this doesnt seem to have cured the problem.

Ive read various other posts about this fault, but as they were from some time back I was wondering if there had been any recent developments as to how to fix this problem!?

Any help would be great - thanks in advance!


I bought a 2.7ltr Diesel ex demonstrator sport not long ago, and it started to lurch after a week of having it - but it manifested itelf only when slowing down slowly to a halt (say at the lights), and the box tried to find first gear.

I rang my dealer and they took it in 'to reset the adaptions'. After they'd done this, it's been fine.


I have a 2002 S Type and also had the dreaded lurch. As well as re-programming the gearbox software my local dealer also gave it a 'gearbox flush' and this solved the problem (350 miles on and fingers still crossed).

It maybe worth checking if your dealer did this as it is apparantly what Jaguar recommend in their Technical Service Bulletin.

Hope this helps.


Jaguar.co.uk Forum
Hi People.

My S type is out of warranty this September, the gear box still clunks as it
changes down to from 2nd to 1st as does other peoples S types, thus I can
only assume that this is a common fault with them.

The dealer insists that (after talking to Jaguar UK) there's nothing wrong
wit the car, and, that this noise I hear is the natural noise I would hear
as the gear box operates normally. Personally I think that's a crock of

So, here's another bit of interesting information. I have found that whilst
driving normally, say at 30mph, if I tap the accelerator with my foot, there
is a definite clunk in the drive train, it sounds as if it's coming from the
same area under the car. Is this all part of the same problem I ask myself?

So, why did I mention 'internet lists' in the subject??

Well, it's my feeling that lists like this are a gathering place for people
with problem cars (mostly) I know that not everyone on here has a problem
car, but I bet a reasonable proportion do.

Why aren't jaguar doing anything about this gearbox problem, again, my
feeling is that there isn't enough of a problem to fix. After all, to them,
if say 0.1% of all the cars they sell have a problem, does it warrant a
recall? The simple answer must be no.

The problem area on my car seems to be the gearbox to drive shaft, they've
(the dealer) worked on this area a total of 4 times, and the last time they
carried out work on the car they fitted a different flange (so they say)
with tighter tolerances. Now that lasted 9 days, before there was a sudden
change, where the old problem returned. It didn't wear out, it failed. Now
ever since the 2nd visit to the dealer, something changed underneath the car
as when driving at 40/50mph I can hear a bearing noise. The dealers head
mechanic said it was tyre noise, but having spent a good part of my life in
engineering (large diesels, pumps, motors and CCGT) I know a bearing noise
when I hear one.

My hope is that this posting will end up in the archives and at some point
be useful to other S type drivers/owners. Sadly I won't be in that group as
I'm, getting shot of what I consider to be a bad car. Would I buy another
Jaguar? No, the whole episode of owning this S type has left me with a bad
taste in my mouth, and I do mean THIS S type.

So, I have seven weeks of S type ownership left, my new car is on order and
a deal has been agreed for part-ex on my S.

You're a good group of people with a passion for a good looking car, I just
wish my car was up to it.



3.0 clunker.

Jag-lovers Forum
I can’t tell you how much better I feel to know that I’m not alone in this world of LURCHING s-types!!!

I own a 2003 S-Type-R that is currently experiencing both variants of the lurch outlined in your website. The transmission has been flashed twice now using TSB S307-17 but it comes back after maybe 300 miles or so. I’m taking it in for a 3rd flashing in 2 weeks. My dealer is of course saying “They all do that” and that it’s “a characteristic of the car”. I’m asking for a new transmission but they’re basically telling me to get lost. My questions are these:

  • Shouldn’t the re-flash work after only one re-flashing? Why is it that mine is coming back after roughly 300 miles?
  • Do I need to tell them to do it a certain way?
  • What recourse do I have with JaguarUSA? Any chance that they’ll actually swap out the transmission after 38K miles?

Anyway, any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for creating such an informative website for all of us who are being ignored by Jaguar.


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If you have not visited www.thelurch.com - it helped to solve two problems I'm having. I called the dealership today, they are aware of these issues and said a fix should not be a problem.

1> When first driving in the morning, the engine and car surges when trying to hold a constant speed around 35-40 mph. It seems the torque converter is can't make up its mind to lock or unlock.

2> My passenger headlight is adjusting higher than the driver's side. The result is that I'm lighting the left side of the road much further away than the right; i.e. road signs, etc.

3> Finally, I was also having the lurch issue and the dealership flashed my ECM/transmission and the issue has gone away.

Good luck,

S-Type R Registry


I have the new XJ with this gearbox and have had the lurching problem. It is definitely a software problem. There have been a number of software releases to fix the problem. I have just had the latest version installed and the change is now superb - no lurching and a seamless change. Your dealer will be able to do very easily.

Pistonheads Forum
I have an 03 and the steering wheel kind of squeeks when I turn left or right. Has anyone had this problem? Do you think it might be the rack and pinion? 8o S-Type R Registry


I found your site via roadfly.com and think it's very informative. I have just purchased a 2003 XK8 that has Variant 1 and Variant 2 of the Lurch. When I bought the car, the head mechanic at my Jaguar dealership (who is very honest) acknowledged the Lurch and said that there is a solution involving the installation of a device, but that he didn't think that solution had worked very well.

He mentioned that Jaguar is supposed to come out with a software solution in the next month or so to solve this problem. Is that what you have heard, or is it wishful thinking?


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Some threads on the BMW E60 Forums confirming that some BMW E60 (new 5 series) and E63/64 (New 6 Series) owners experience identical symptons with their ZF 6HP26 Gearbox to those outlined on this website - and that BMW has released a TSB to cover the LURCH with an IDENTICAL description (highlighted) of the symptoms as outlined on this website: see ZF Gearbox Lurch :

Harsh 2-1 Downshift

E60 (545i); E63/64 645(Ci/Cic) with 6HP26 up to 04/05

Customer may complain of the following:

An excessively harsh 2-1 downshift when decelerating to a stop, or

Transmission "bangs" into gear when accelerating from a full or a "rolling" stop (vehicle did not come to a complete stop).

EGS software.

On a customer complaint basis only, reprogram/recode complete vehicle using SSS with CIP on-line update 17.01, or higher.

Transmission temperature must remain below 50 deg C and trans shifter must be placed in P position prior to the start of CIP programming

BMW E60 Forums
(new 5 Series)

Thread 1
Thread 2

We've had our loaded SE since December '04. We've put over 13K miles on it.

Love the truck and have no regrets. actually convinced 3 friends to buy one as well.

Ever since taking delivery we notice 2 annoyances with the truck.

1 - transmission jerks when coming to almost a stop and then going. You're slowing down and coming almost to a stop, but not quite (like at a stop sign), then take the foot off the brake pedal and hit the gas pedal (doesn't matter how hard or soft you step on it). The tranmission jerks. almost feels like it down shifts.
can reproduce the occurance at will. dealer has seen the problem, but has not been able to do anything about it. Since it is a minor annoyance, we'll have them look at it again at the next scheduled service.

anyone else having this problem?

Land Rover Forum
Starting in around June the automatic gearbox started fluttering between gears around five minutes after setting off from cold. This got progressively worse and it became difficult to drive the car smoothly because the transmission snatched. The car was serviced in September by Evans Halshaw who "flashed the transmission" which I think means that they reprogrammed the electronics that controls the transmission website

ZF Transmission problems - FULL webpage outlining Gearbox faults

Rear brakes problem - FULL webage outlining brakes faults website
The transmission has been a source of constant frustration. When driving in stop and go traffic, it has a problem knowing when to shift and often jerks into gear. Also, when stopping, it doesn't want to disengage and shifts to lower gears with the greatest of effort. Carreview
Experiencing transmission problem. When I come to an almost complete stop and begin to accelerate the transmission sometimes bangs into gear, sometime extremely hard. Carreview
Been through it all with my V8 2003 S-Type. Everything you describe. Had everything under the sun done to try and correct, but they were baffled..."because they had never heard of this before" Sound familiar. I had a little extra. Sometimes when I accelerate from a stop or traveling under 20mph, I give it gas and it acts like its going to respond, then it just seems to be confused as to which gear to shift into, and it just sits while the engine revs up to 4000-5000 on the tach. Then it figures it all out, goes into gear, and it's OK.

After a year and a half, the dealer made me a deal on an 05. With the 05, none of the "lurch" symtoms, but only 8,000 miles. Do have the high revs though.

RE TSB S307-17: I've read the actual Service Bulletin and it says nothing about correcting the lurch. I suspect that the people who have it done, will like all the times before, experience the lurch in a few weeks/hundreds miles.

Your car is driving like new, like all of ours do following a TCM reprogramming, because the car is now relearning its adaptive strategy.

Its a very disappointing problem (well all the tranny-related issues are) simply because of poor programming.

registration required
RE TSB S307-17: yes i passed the 200 miles / 320 kms ( i drive my car every day) - and still no lurching ....

Btw i talked to my Jag dealer and he said they are aware of that gearbox prob and how to fix it for the S-Type since 2003.....

Now i have to get the XK8 coupe of my wife to the dealer to get the lurching gearbox fixed - i drove her car yesterday and this problem really sucks...

RE: Gearbox problems. Well just to let you know I had my car worked on 12 times, the Recall version 28 done twice. Nothing got better. I filed Lemon Law already. I want out of this car. Oh a new thing just happend as I drive the E Brake comes on a locks the rear wheels. I almost crashed happend 8 times since Saturday Roadfly
RE: Gearbox problems. This is just another one of the many issues I have experienced as well. They have replaced my brakes at least 5 or 6 times within 15K on the odometer. Also replaced various parts associated with the brakes trying to correct the problems. All to no Avail. The emergency brake locking up was just part of the issue. Roadfly
RE: Gearbox problems. I spoke to my dealer yesterday about Mr Jaguars solution. They seemed interested but can't do anything until my car returns from Coventry. The engine was pinking, it's taken me nearly a year to get the dealer to accept it and convince Jaguar to take the car back to the factory to deal with it. Up to now they've had the car for nearly 3 weeks. So I'll let you know what happens about the gearbox once I get the car back. And the brakes, which are noisy when moving very very very slowly. (drives me nuts in traffic)
RE: Gearbox problems. In January 2005 I purchased a 2003 S-Type 3.0. I've noticed that when I am approaching a stop sign or traffic light and almost at a complete stop I feel the transmission do what feels like a final shift which causes the car to lurch forward just slightly. It is very annoying. I haven't taken the car to the Dealer yet but am planning to do so next week. Will any of the fixes that have been mentioned in all of these previous reports correct my problem? If so what should I tell the service manager when I take the car in. I also have the squeek in the the steering wheel...Can that be corrected?
RE: Gearbox problems. Bottom line, I like the car, I hate the brand. My car is 1.5 years old with 20,000 km on it. It has been in for service over 10 times, including a new transmission (first week I had it, Transmission fault light came on). Also have had the brake pump replaced (fault light kept coming on and parking brake light was coming on while I was driving) Ever since then, every time I complained about the lurching, they tell me it is normal. Roadfly
RE: Gearbox problems. Same Prob. here .... Need to get software flash and see if that helps. Have you had probs. with the gas level indicator?
It feels like the gearbox is in the wrong gear as it has adapted to my driving style. If I
(a) push the accelerator for more power, the engine will increase in revs and then the transmission thumps and jolts the whole car. And everything seems to be back to normal. And off I go.
(b) ease off to drop the revs and then accelerate, all is ok, but this means slowing down in a roundabout and some pretty freaked out drivers following behind!
Re: 2003 Transmission drop out/thump
Sounds like my dealer is telling some white ones, will call the dealer AGAIN and arrange for the update, that's if it is available here in Australia. I am not too happy with the way I've been treated, it seems once they have sold you a car then they don't want to know you anymore..... ? Will reply when I get a chance to do all the above.
Just picked up a 2003 S-Type R and am having the same range of problems described here. The low speed "jolts"...the transmission occasionally feels like it is disengaging, especially after moderate braking. When you get back on the gas it jerks back into gear with a thump. It has a random element to it and cannot be made to do it every time Roadfly
I just bought a 2003 s-type V8 sport. I have experienced the lurch a few times. However, a common issue for me is when driving about 45 mph and the car rpms gyrate up and down, the car accelarates and decelarates accordingly, and a it is accompanied by a low engine vibration.
Jaguar in Greece advises that the lurch is normal. As far as the squeak in the steering wheel, again they say that it is normal, but there is a fix. They bleed the steering system to get the air out of it. There has been a circular concerning this and is normally handled under warranty. Takes about 1.5 hours.
I agree Dave. It was the service manager here in Greece. Also "normal" is that I should change brake pads after 12,000 km., that the original tires (Pirelli P6000) are wrong for the car, that 4 door models are supposed to creak at the door panels as you go over bumps, and a whole slew of other abnoprmal "normalities". I have had it reprogrammed 5 times. After reading the last posts, I made an appointment and the car is at the dealer's getting reprogrammed as we speak. Not bad with 20,000 km. on the car, eh? Serves me right for buying Jaguar. Never again!!!! Roadfly
I just got my car back, they had it at the factory for over a month.
They've fixed the pinking. Still haven't fixed the gearbox lurch.
I tried the process you posted - didn't work for me.
I also had the same issue with my 2003 S-type R. I explained the issue to the dealer and told them I would demonstrate the issue for them. They had the car for a week and tried to reflash the transmission module three times. They finally gave up and replaced the module because it wouldn't accept the flash. The problem is much better now. The hesitation (when the car is in between 1st and 2nd gears) is much shorter now so the engine doesn't have a chance to rev and then engage 1st with the dreaded "thunk".
I had an 03 V8 with all the problems mentioned here (Jaguar denied they were aware of these problems for 1 1/2 years) - plus one more. Usually at initial acceleration or moving forward under 30 mph, I would step on the gas...the car would move forward for 2-3 seconds...then forward motion would seem to get no faster, but the tach would be around 4000 to 5000 rpm's. You could hear the motor winding up, but no additional forward speed. Then after 3-4 seconds it would return to normal without any sudden jolt. Tach would drop back to 1500 - 2000 rpm's. Now my 05 is exhibiting the same problems! Of course, I'm the only one in the world who has ever had this problem. Anyone else out there that has had the same experience? Roadfly
I have a 2002 4.2 as well - it has a lurch like this when it slows down too. I initially thought that it was just my driving style as its a number of years since I've driven an auto. I'll have a word with Jag and see if I can get anywhere - if I do I'll get back to you.

(It must be said that everything else on the car is perfect - my only problem to date was a slight rattle but on checking this was due to a pen I'd left in the drivers door pocket - d'oh!!. Glad I didn't go to the dealers with that!!)

Hi all, just to let you know that my XKR (6 speed) has just had a gearbox "reflash" (or repropram) to cure the "lurch" problem and the car was fine for a couple of days, but today it did the "lurch" again a couple of times, albeit far less violently and when the car was "cold". Thought they'd FINALLY cured it, but seems not quite there yet.......will keep you posted. Cheers, Jonscz PistonHeads
Looking for answers to the lurching of the car as you come to a stop.....it happens more often than not. I have put the car in the non sport mode and that helps, but does not eliminate it....in the sport mode it happens more often.
I have had the car back to the dealer and they have cleared all tcm and ecm codes and relearned the computer.....I have called NJ (Mahwah) for some help on this matter. Has anyone had this problem and what they have gotten to resolve this
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Hi all....hope someone can help with a couple of transmission issues I have. My car is going in to have the dreaded "lurch" fixed (ie when gentle breaking to a halt, you get a jolt or lurch just before coming to a halt and then again when gently accelerating away again) and this is a know problem and involves reprogramming the transmission control unit and ecu. Also, however, I get an intermittant "hunting" or jerkiness when on part throttle around 30-40 mph as the car revs rise and fall quite quickly and this can be felt through the whole car as a "rocking" backwards and forwards (not violently, but noticeable). A friend also had this on his 4.2 XK8, so its a 6 speed transmission problem, not an engine issue, I presume, as my car is a 4.2 XKR. The only other issue I have is that when I fill the windscreen(or windshield!) reservoir to the top, the fluid in the pipe between the top and the actual bottle just leaks out all over the floor...again, any ideas, please. Anyone else that has the "lurching" or jolt problem, then take a look at this post from another forum from someone who has had no end of problems and has done some excellent research on the problem..... PistonHeads Link ... the fix is mentioned 3/4 way down page 2.... Thanks and I hope someone can help with the "hunting" question
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been to the dealer for the dreaded lurching when coming to a full stop........it seems to be in gear as you come to the complete stop with a "lurch" prior to complete stop.
Any other out there with similar problem.....solutions?
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I have a 2003 K8 and I just had the tcm cleared and relearned. The delaership did not tell me much except that they mentioned that I should drive the car in the "sport mode" off for a couple of hundred miles...and that was that. I found after the added software did help, but not at all times.....it still does it from time to time. I suppose I will have to call Jaguar direct....in NJ to get some help on this.
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My vehicle is a 2003 XK8 with 5600 miles, yes fifty six hundred miles....the dealership has reconfigured the tcm through code access 1534 and w97.
They also checked the ecm and the tcm for updates, and they had been preformed......after talking to the shop forman, they decided to do an adaptation clear on the tcm and relearn the tcm.....but the problem did come back and now to bring it back for another try.
They mentioned a bunch of misfire codes..P111, P1582, P1260, P0308, P0301, P1316 which means nothing to me
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I drive a Audi A8 W12 with the same 6HP26 gearbox fitted. The rollout shifts are also poor on this car, also the BMW 745i (latest model) with the same gearbox exibited the same problem. It's an inherent imperfection of the gearbox hardware, and on the Jaguar it's far less anoying as on the other cars (as it does have modified harware compared to the Audi and BMW to cope with it better). The problem is that under certain conditions the it times the shifts wrong, causing some torque transmittal through the gearbox while slowing down. Under certain circumstances this can be felt as a lurch.
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I bought my car back and they did the reprogram.....I am still with the problem. 2003 with both the lurching at stop and now I am experiencing the stumbling at acceleration.
I am going back for another try....this week I hope
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Hey, how do you think we feel when the same cars came back time and again and we had to wait for a new fix.

I haven't had any comebacks since the last one though, and nothing from Jaguar about continued problems

Holding my breath

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hmm wir haben die gleichen Probleme mit dem Ruckeln des Getriebes bei unseren beiden XKs MJ 2003 ..... das trat aber erst auf nachdem die Software wegen einer Rückrufaktion des Kraftfahrzeugbundesamtes neu aufgespielt wurde .. Jaguar Classic & New Car Forum
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Das *Lurchy* Problem trat bei unseren beiden Autos auf:

Ergebnis: Beim XKR ist das Problem behoben - beim XK8 nicht - beide wurden neu programmiert

Kann es sein, daß es beim Kompressormodel geht und beim Sauger nicht ? Da doch Getriebe und Motor neu programmiert werden ?

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I have a 2002 4.2 as well - it has a lurch like this when it slows down too. I initially thought that it was just my driving style as its a number of years since I've driven an auto. I'll have a word with Jag and see if I can get anywhere - if I do I'll get back to you. PistonHeads
I certainly feel that Jaguar knows there is a problem with the 6 speed gearbox and is working hard to correct the problem. There have been many posts regarding this and many fixes have been attempted. There is now a direct link on the Jaguar technical hotline that connects the technicians with a ZF engineer. Please make sure that your dealer is aware of this and has tried the many fixes available, not only software reflashes. The 1 liter overfill has had good results for some problems and may help yours. Jagtalk Archived
I have a few clients who's S-Types have had dramas right from the start, usually in transmission area. It has been very, very frustrating to give a client vehicle back after doing the latest upgrade, testing it to find it works. Only to give the vehicle back and have the client call in the next week to say it's not fixed! Jagtalk Archived
I just dropped my car off for the 10,000 mile service, and to have a few things addressed -- including the persistance of the lurch-before-stop feature despite upgrading to version 24 of the TCM software. Jagtalk
Sadly, my car has experienced some of the transmission issues common to the 745i: Rough 1-2 upshift, lurch and clunk while coming to a stop, "Transmission Fault" warnings. According my dealer, the Jaguar Field Tech says this is a known software issue that affects some, but obviously not all cars. The dealer will try installing a software "patch" that should improve driveability while we await the final software fix from Jaguar and ZF.
My attempt to bring this to the attention of JNA's Customer Relations's people
has been a waste of time, as they seemed to adopt a somewhat defensive posture and had NO technical expertise. It took a persistent Service Advisor at the dealer to get the information from the Field Tech. In fact all the info from "Margie" at JNA has come directly from my Service Advisor at the dealer.
Perhaps Dave is referring to the lurch and "clunk" when rolling to a stop and
the harsh 1-2 upshift that I was experiencing. In a thread a week or two back, I reported that my dealer had provided a partial fix by replacing the transmission valve body and control module, which on my car was faulty. The new module was then reflashed with a software "patch". This procedure significantly improved but did not cure the problem.

The tech reiterated the info that DT provided after you forwarded him (or her?) my post: Jaguar is aware of and working on the problem; it only affects certain cars with the 4.2 V-8; the reflash is a temporary measure; there will be a final fix sometime in the future.

This is not a subtle problem. If you have it, you KNOW it, and so does anyone
who drives the car. It's my understanding that a very slight thump as the
transmission disengages at a stop is intrinsic to the design of the new
six-speed, and therefore normal. It's all spelled out in those early posts.

Your description of the 1st to 2nd shift is exactly what I am experiencing. It's
almost as if the ECU is cutting the throttle for a moment during that shift
especially under light throttle. I find that it shifts very smoothly as the car
is warming up, but the hesitation begins when the car reaches normal operating temperature. I too find all the other up and downshifts incredibly smooth, and I too drove several cars that "do that". I now have about 3500 miles on my car and I've found that the1-2 shift has indeed gradually improved with time. But does your car lurch forward slightly just as you are about to lift your foot off the brake to come to a smooth stop? Almost like the torque converter suddenly releasing? And has this symptom also gradualy improved with time? If so, I may have to rethink the reflash. So often with software, the cure can be far worse than the symptom. Maybe I'm better off waiting for the FULL fix, as long as there are no dire fault codes stored in the system. It will be interesting to see if we can get an official point of view from Jaguar Cars on this. I'll keep you posted and thanks for the info.
I had one of the two variations of the lurch - the one in which you are doing a
rolling stop and then hit the gas again. There is a momentary, but very
noticeable, hesitation when the engine revs higher and then the engine engages the drive wheels in second gear with a jolt. The problem did not start until about six months or 5000 miles after delivery of the new vehicle - something that seems to apply to both types of lurches. Three weeks ago my dealer did a fix on the 2003 S-Type V8 based on a recently issued tech bulletin.
I think this will be the 4th or 5th visit in take care of this lurch. The last
one was using the #31 disk, and it still lurches.
Since I am the car nut of the family, I test drove the 2003 S-Type with my
parents. The first one we drove had an absolutely horrible lurch, enough for my father to say he would not buy the car. I convinced him that it must have been that particular car (it just did NOT seem right), so we test drove another
S-Type at a different dealership. No lurch, and the S-Type is now in the garage. By the way, we never had the lurch problem, though we have difficulty shifting out of park (fixed with a new tramission cable).

To continue with the nit-pick, I also find that they make a groaning noise when the brakes are partially applied when pulling slowly into the garage or parking spot. Not a very befitting sound for such a fine luxury car.

I do have the 6 speed auto and if you search Jagtalk, you'll find a number of
people with '03 and later S-Types that have the "lurch" problem. The latest
reflash seems to have improved the performance, but on some tansmissions, the problem returns, or in my case, the lurch now happens when coming to a stop and the transmission shifts into first.
I had an '03 3.0 for a day's test drive and it had this bug/feature. In my case,
the lurch forward was strong enough that once I nearly hit the car in front in
very slow traffic. I wondered whether it was the auto box shifting down to first gear as it drew to a halt (the electronic brake was't involved, I think).

By the end of the day, I had adjusted to the lurch - I was just braking a litle
more firmly in the few feet of motion.

A few weeks later, I borrowed an '03 R for a weekend. This one didn't have the problem.

I have experienced symptoms similar to yours. I brought them to the attention of my dealer, who could find no fault codes on the computer and who allowed me to drive two other s-types on the lot to verify that "they all do that". Both had the problem. OTOH, most Jagtalk members report flawless operation. Frustrating.
Well, just one week (ok 9 days) out of the dealers (that was the 3rd time

Lo and behold, the annoying gearbox clunk has returned.
Yesterday nothing... This morning nothing... Yet driving home after a rather
crap day at work, and clunk between what I think is 2nd to 1st. It's just
as bad as before.

It makes me wonder why I traded in a perfectly good C5 estate for a car that
has a repetitive gearbox problem, and eats brake pads AND discs like they
were a snack...

So, it looks like I'll be back to the dealers on Monday...

Even though it's still under warranty, this is hassle I don't need from a
car that's 2 1/2 years old with only 16k miles on it.

Has anyone on here actually had this problem, and received a long term fix??


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Crap, that,s all I can say about Jaguar, i,ve exactly the same
problem, been in 5 times for fixes and to date only fixed for a
week then it returns. I,ve had enough jaguar are going to lose a
loyal big spending customer because of this problem. I,m in the
motor trade and a lot of people ask for recomdations on cars ang
jags will not be good. Audi for me now on.
The poxy dealer wont even tell me what the problem is. Tossers.....
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>> ''a perfectly good C5 estate''
> Blimey. You're easily pleased.

That's just it... I'M NOT EASLIY PLEASED!! In fact i'm far from pleased. A car
with just over 16,000 miles on it, and it's suffering from various problems,
some of which seem to be hard for 'Jaguar' to fix.

I park my car at my place of work each day, it's the only Jaguar in the car
park, the rest are a mix of BMWs, Audis, Mercs etc.. All of them less than 3
years old, yet the only one going back and forth to the dealers is the Jaguar.

The C5 i had was build better, ran better, but was boaring to drive, that's
why i returned to Jaguar. Maybe i should have gone for the 3.0 X type with a
manual box, i duno, but one things for sure, i won't be looking to trade for
another 'auto box jag' until they get it right.

Andy 3.0 clunker

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Habe auch so ein Auto S type4,2 Sport Muß sagen das mit der Automatic ist ja eine Katastrophe. Meine Automatic schaltete zuerst auch falsch in dem Bereich. Das ist nach aufspielen einer anderen Software behoben. Schaltet aber im 1.Gangbereich manchmal falsch. Das Schnarren und Quitschen in der Lenkung ist desgleichen bei meinem Auto. Soll ein neues Lenkgetriebe eingebaut werden. Mit dem Licht ist bei mir das gleiche.Bremsscheiben und andere Bremsklötze sind bei mir hinten auf Kulanz gewechselt worden. Die Buchsen an den Achslenkern und die ganzen Achslenker sind glaube ich stillschweigend auch erneuert worden. Das mit der klimaanlage habe ich auch schon mal gesehen. Mein Auto ist jetzt eigentlich in Ordnung "hoffentlich"
Das mit Ihrer Automatic geht ja überhaupt nicht. Mich würde mal intressieren welche Fahrgestellnummer nach dieser HM Nr. Ihr Auto hat.
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ich habe vor einiger Zeit hier mal über die gleichen Bremsprobleme berichtet. Damals habe ich in Kronenberg (ich war auf dem Weg von Bielefeld nach Frankfurt) viel Geld für neue Scheiben und Belege bezahlt und auch nichts zurück bekommen.
Mein Auto, ein S-Type R hatte zu der Zeit ca. 18000 km gelaufen.
Das Getriebeproblem hatte meiner auch, ist aber behoben.Das geht aber nicht durch ein Softwareupdate, sondern nur durch eine kompl. Neuprogrammierung des Getriebes durch Mitarbeiter von ZF.Das ist in meiner Werkstatt bei mehreren Fahrzeugen am selben Tag gemacht worden. In dieser Sache war meine Werkstatt wirklich gut. Aber warum mein Auto zu wenig Leistung hat wurde bisher leider noch nicht gefunden.

Rough Translation of third paragraph into English:

I had the same transmission problem, which is now gone. This was achieved not through a Software Upgrade, but rather through a complete re-programming of the transmission by a ZF mechanic. There were other cars at my Dealer that were re-programmed on the same day. But, I still haven't found out why my car is down on power.

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RE: Squeaking steering wheel
When we had the procedure done to our car, it was one of the few cars where it
didn't fix it. The sound changed noticeably, though. Replacing the rack fixed
the problem (it has made a few occasional squicks since then but so far good

The local dealer had quite a few of these cars to fix and most of them were
fixed with the fluid change.

registration required
RE: Squeaking steering wheel
Interesting to note that the 2003+ Lincoln LS uses the same ZF steering rack and has the exact same problem with the same recommended fix (replace fluid first, then replace rack if part 1 doesn't work). LS owners on the LLSOC site have noted that the replacement racks also develop the same problem over time. Sounds like there is no real fix here.
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RE: Squeaking steering wheel
I had the flush done ~1 year ago ('03 S-Type) and it solved the problem. . . .
until recently. The noise has returned recently (someone - maybe Dave -
described it as sounding like doves cooing), but I just ignore it. With less
than 4 months left on my lease, it isn't worth the trouble to take it in. They
can fix it after I return it (along with the latest fix for the lurch).
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RE: Squeaking steering wheel
Common problem on X-Types and S-Types. Service Bulletin requests dealers to first flush the power steering fluid, then replace the rack should the problem reoccur.

Bulletin S211-04.

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RE: Squeaking steering wheel
Fluid change made it dissapear for some time, but it came back. Dealer told me the procedure changed now so we'll see if it is still squealing when I get it
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RE: Squeaking steering wheel
Our July 2002 S-type R has had this issue since the very beginning, usually
happening on slightly colder humid weather and less likely to happen when it's warm (above +15C).

The first fix was a new type of oil to the steering. Didn't help, changed the
noise a bit though. To cure the problem something bigger was replaced (steering rack?), I don't remember the details. That helped the problem for that season.

No the noise is back (-17C, dry air, quite a bit of snow) and it has negative
effect on my blood pressure on such a otherwise quiet and smooth car.

Does anyone know if there has been new cures to the problem during the last year or two? Does the oil in the steering to be replaced frequently to keep the issue away?

The car is already out of warranty since July 2005 but it's obviously something that they didn't really fix for good. The car has only 35,000 km / 21,700 miles on the clock.

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RE: Squeaking steering wheel
I had the same problem as you and had my steering rack replaced last summer. At least until then, ZF did not deliver maintenance kits for the racks, so the whole rack had to be replaced. Hopefully, now maintenace kits are available so all that has to be replaced are gaskets and what not
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RE: Squeaking steering wheel
Mine is going in next week. Jaguar service adviser says they are going to
replace the steering rack (under warranty).
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RE: Squeaking steering wheel
According to my dealer, a repair kit is due to be released by Jaguar soon -
apparently they are informing the dealers of this impending fix so that they
hold off on further rack replacements. No information as to timing. Since my
car will exhaust the warranty soon, I expressed my concern about this and was told that they would take care of me as the fault had been recorded during the warranty period. Perhaps your dealership will do the same for you?

(BTW I've had the fluid replacement as well and the noise is back.)

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Wonder if this is something known. A light throttle and pretty steady speed at
30-50 mph creates a slight surging. It may be getting more pronounced, but I am not sure yet.
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I've noticed the same, normally in the morning, not long after starting. Haven't noticed this later in the day or when the engine is warm. Jagtalk
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Encountered this myself with an engine not at full temp. On advice of dealer
service fed some fuel injector cleaner into the gas. Cleared it right up.
Seems to need it every five K miles or so. Injectors on newer engines have
orifices that are quite small.
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Same issue appeared about 2 months ago on my 2003 S Type 4.2. It's at its worst first thing in the am when the engine is stone cold. Does seem to go away once engine is warmed up, but it never used to to it.

I'll try the fuel injector cleaner idea...couldn't hurt.

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I've had the same problem with my 04 XJR. I'm scared to have any reprogramming done, as I have never had the lurch problem and I'm afraid I'd be inviting trouble. I just keep the gearshift in 3rd until it warms up or until I get on the highway. I'm normally not one to let things like this go untreated, but I have about 18,000 miles on a perfectly smooth engine / transmission combination. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize that. Am I being too paranoid?
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My 2003 Jaguar S type, V8 was fine the inital 10,000 miles of driving. Then, I had to replace the fuel pump, water pump, window motors and I am having a recurrent problem with the transmission. The problem starts with a "thump" sound when I accelerate & a squealing sound when I make a turn at around 25 miles per hour. First the dealer thought it was a problem with the rear differential, but said other S-Types were experiencing the same problem and found it was a problem with the transmission. They told me that due to a problem at the factory, all transmissions for my type of car were mislabeled and they could not acquire a new transmission. They then said they isolated the part that was creating the problem as the valve body in the transmission. They replaced the valve body and the car ran fine for another 9,000 miles. At 19,000 miles I am experiencing the same noises again. When I called the dealer back, they said several clients were experiencing the same problem and they would contact Jaguar for advice on the official recommended repair. The service advisor from the dealer called to tell me that the official recommended repair for the valve body problem in the transmission is to flush the transmission with a "special fluid". This seems inadequate to me. Has anyone else experienced the same problem? S-Type Forum
I recently bought a new 2003 8 cylindre S type jaguar. From day 1 I had problems. The command system and the cell phone are terrible. What is scarry is that the dealer told me they often do not believe the customers when they complain about the phones!. 2 months after buying the car the entire break system had to be changed. There was a fault in the electric hand breaks that burnt the system. The electrical system in the car is very poorly designed.
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At only 9000 miles, my front brakes (mainly driver's side) began
squealing during light braking (and also makes a slight squeal when
you first start moving). I took it to the dealer and his only
comment was ''they all do that...it's the metallic brakes, you just
need to keep them clean''. OK, so I cleaned them and they still
make noise. I disassemble the brakes and see that both pads of the
driver's side brake shoes have a fine crack completely through the
thickness in the center of the pad. Could this be the cause of my
noisy brakes or has anyone had a similar issue and discovered a fix
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My brakes also "sceech loudly" from time to time. The dealer tells me this is because of the type of brake pad that has to be used and to spray pressured water into the wheel. It happens so often that I really wonder if something else is going on. The dealer tells me everything is fine and not to bring the car in until the 10,000 mile warranty check. Anyone else have this same problem? S-Type Forum
My wife complained about screeching brakes too. They readjusted the brake calipers 2 times before the noise went away. One of the times I drove an X-type for a loaner and heard the same noise so it might just be a sound that is characteristic to Jaguars or the brake pads they use S-Type Forum
I returned my S-type 2003 4.2 2 weeks after I bought/leased it in 2002 Nov. reason was the lessor(Jaguar Leasing) told me that the CRUNCHING sound of the brakes will be repaired and "SERVICE will take care of it as I refused delivery of this unit at the time we had our delivery walkthru. I have returned it 3 times since and always with the answer "It is Normal for it to crunch when you release the brakes". Customer service was contacted and as I noted in others notes they give you a song and dance. Field reps were called in to evaluate and still with no relief of this anoying crunch which gets prolonged as long as you ride your breaks in stop asnd go traffic. lemon law does not cover this acdg to dealer as it is not a safety issue.
ANY Suggestions. I am embarrased when I am with my friends in stop and go traffic where you have to ride the brakes and they comment that I deserve this annoyance for buying a FORD product.
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I have a 2003 4.2. Just had rear brakes and rotors done. Dealer paid for rotors since it was just in for service and it was not noticed then. Car has 15k on it. Front brakes are still in good shape. It seems odd to me at only 15k and for rears only. Anyone else have this happen? S-Type Forum
my jaguar s type is a 2003 and at 20,000 miles i need new rear brakes, mostly city driving and i am not hard on my car. just took car in for 20,000 mi serrvice and they want 450 for the rear brakes. how did yu get jaguar to make you a deal and how much did you have to pay? S-Type Forum
My 2002 S-Type feels like it is driving with the parking break on. During my 20k check up they said everything was fine. 5k miles later I hear this grinding and decide to check my rear pads - the back left pads (and rotor) were completely gone, but the back right pads still had some life. What could cause the uneven wear other than the parking break (which I have never had to engage)? S-Type Forum
My 2003 S-Type Jaguar had excess wear and was making rearwheel noise(padwear indicators) at about 16,000 miles in September 2004. I brought it in to the dealer and they changed the rear rotors and pads at no cost. The service manager told me that there was a known problem that the rotors and pads were not of the right metal composition. After replacing the parts however, the pads/rotors became very hot and had a hot metal smell, but only happened one time(probably break-in). I notified the service manager and he told me that there was no problem. I now have 25,000 miles and have not had a problem to this date. S-Type Forum
''Concerning thump on 2004 S Type 4.2 with ZF transmission.''

Dealer visit confirmed its a thump when shifting from 3d to 4th, and it happens when you shift using the J Gate as well as the auto shift in the ZF tranny. Dealer rep said this is a typical problem and he attributes it to the factory not getting all the water based flushing material out of the transmission when the car was built.

Says the solution is to flush out the transmission and refill with new fluid. May have to reflush a couple of times to get all the water out.

This is the diagnosis at the moment -- we will bring the car in soon to get the flushing done and see if that fixes the thump. The dealer service guy said he sees this all the time on the ZF transmissions.
Luckily the car is still covered under warranty.
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Since purchasing my New Diesel S-Type 1 month and 3000 miles ago I've
been plagued with poorish fuel consumption and a left side rear brake
that's continually warm even when the brakes haven't been used for
several miles. Speaking to my local dealer he tells me that it's a known
issue with the handbrake cable on the electric parking brake which is
too short and applies the rear brakes whenever the car suspension
compresses due to carrying passengers or luggage. The symptoms are the
rear pads which wear out early, and despite this being a known issue its
unknown when Jaguar will get around to solving the problem and supplying
modified parts.

Can anyone whose rear pads have worn out before their fronts let me know
and I'm also interested in what response if any other owners get when
they speak to their dealers about this problem. It seems that until
people start complaining this will remain a low priority at Jaguar.

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Anyone else get a whine from somewhere to the rear of the gearbox
(sounds like the diff to me) at between 50mph and 70mph? Appears
under load and when decellerating but not at the point inbetween
when the car's effectively coasting.

Not engine or gearbox related, same whine at same roadspeed in
different gears.


Car back from its first service (15,000 miles). I asked them to see
if they could trace the source of the whine and they've ordered me
a new diff under warranty.

Not the first case they've heard of, they say.

Jag-lovers Forum
Picked the car up yesterday after the warranty diff replacement. No
noise from the rear at all now. Much more pleasant to drive without
the whine.

My dealer has two other S-Types coming in for new diffs as well -
is there a known issue here?

Jag-lovers Forum
hi have a problem with my diff on a 2004 s type R slight oil leak
dealership say diff pan gasket not shown on parts computer and will
probably need a replacement diff? awaiting answer from
dealership !!!
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I think my S has been dragging its rear brakes since new and I wonder if
it's a design fault rather than a fault with my actual car. So far the
parking brake adjustment caused excessive dragging and overheated rear
brakes until it was reset, and since then I think the left hand rear
brake is dragging slightly. A symptom of this would be the rear pads
wearing out sooner than the fronts, but I've not done enough miles to
prove it...

Anybody else had less life out of their rear pads than the fronts?

Jag-lovers Forum
Kevin, may I suggest you look into Jag type S TSB R-167/166.
Jag has identified a problem with the rear brakes engaging with the
car in motion, ithout any warning lights, etc. that could potentially lead to loss of control at speed! I experienced the same problem shortly after we purchased a 2003 Type S when encountered a boulder in the middle of the road and the brakes proved ineffective in stopping in time. After expensive
repairs to exhaust system a later visit to a dealer for routine maintenance revealed both rear rotors scored and burned and showing damage from metal-to-metal contact. Expensive mandatory repairs done. Later covered by Warranty (even though not Normally covered by Warranty) but insurance company raised my rates due to Single Car Accident, Driver Responsibility.
THIS IS PROBOBLY COVERED BY R-167/166 EBP module/Suppressor module.
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At 12,000 miles a rear caliper was not releasing. Both rear calipers, rotors and pads were replaced at that time. At 25,000 my '03 S-Type was recalled for ''Unintended Rear Wheel Braking,'' a problem I never had, and the parking brake cables were replaced. Since then, whenever I hit a dip in the road at highway speeds, the brakes momentarily apply by themselves. The left side parking brake cable was found to have come loose and was replaced. Next trip on the road I had the same problem. Car goes in tomorrow to find out what is still causing this problem. Anyone else having
this problem?
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Rear Breaks Gone after only 18K miles : I have heard of front breaks going early, but rarely rears (before fronts). 2003 S-Type 3.0L, my second. Both my 2000 and 2003 are problem free but this past Firday, I hear a grinding sound coming from my passenger rear wheel. Comes as the break is pressed, goes well after the car begins rolling again. I got it to the dealer today (Monday) figuring it was a break-pad warning pin causing all the noise. The car has only 18K miles and my last Jag went to 30K without breaks needing any work at all. My driving is usually high-way or slow city with very little stop and go (traffic). In my opinion, the breaks should have lasted longer.

Eitherway, apparently not only are the rear pads gone, but the rotors as well because the grinding I heard on Friday was metal on metal and not some pad warning device. BTW, there was no other type of warning regarding break failure and I was simply asked if I heard any squeeking. So squeeking is the "breaks are going" warning indicator here.

The dealer is going to cover the rotors and I will be covering the pads but I still am surprised that they went this early. Anyone have a similar experience.

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My S-type squeaks and rattles - OK for a Taurus, not OK for a $50k 'luxury' car, has gone through a set of rear brakes in 30k miles, and has neither the performance or penache of the 5-series. The dealer's performance has been mediocre at best, dismal at worst, failing to fix the squeaks and rattles in three separate trips and claiming that 'all S-types wear out rear brakes faster than the fronts'. My wife's Taurus is, no kidding, better appointed. Consider another entry in this class. Autobytel website
On long trips the driver's seat is very uncomfortable. It is so stiff that your legs can not stand the prsessure while driving. There is only one outlet in the car. This makes it difficult to plug in your phone, radar detector and a dvd for the kids in the back. The low profile tires do not last long on city streets. I replaced 2 of them within my first 6000 miles.The navagation system is not user friendly and does compare well to the Honda supplied unit. Car is beutifully designed and handles well in the rain. Autobytel website
I checked the S Type Tsb's and found S204-12 regarding excessive tyre wear on the inside edges of front tyres. My tyres are totally bald on the inside edges.I have just dropped my car off in a jag dealers in the centre of warrington (for other 'fix's as well) and been told that I will have to pay for alignment check as this is not under warranty? I would have thought that if jaguar issues a technical service bulletin that it is a known fault and would therefore be covered under warranty?

Anybody else had this problem?

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My S-Type 4.2 sport came with Michelin MXM4's. They were OK and, because I wasn't aware of the known toe-in problem, they wore on the inside fronts and only lasted 29K miles.

I went one size larger and got Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3's (245/45/17). What a difference, no noise (even over 90mph, Texas roads) and they stick like glue. They are maximum performance summer, bad news in snow, but not an issue in much of Texas. Rain performance is excellent.

Curious what kind of mileage and types of tires other S-Type owners are using?

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