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 Steering Wheel Squeaking on my S-Type and Xenon Headlight Adjuster Fault

Xenon Headlight Adjuster Fault - Xenon headlight adjuster faulty, blinding other drivers

Left light adjusted too high upon starting,
then car restarted to reset

From new I was puzzled by the amount of oncoming drivers flashing their headlights at me - mainly because I knew my S-Type was fitted with auto-adjusting Xenon headlights.

I subsequently found out that the adjusters were intermittently adjusting the left light higher than the other - as shown by the image. This high light was blinding oncoming traffic and lighting up road signs well into the distance, while projecting silhouettes of the cars in front of me onto the sign posts.

The ONLY way to reset the Xenon headlights when this misalignment occurs is to pull in to the side of the road and restart the car.

I queried in an e-mail about a solution months after showing the problem to get this reply from Michel J. Tinguely, the Service & Training Manager for JAGUAR Land Rover Schweiz AG:

"Regarding the Lighting problem, can we assure you, Mister McKie that we are in contact with the factory and we have told them that the whole unit has been changed. We are awaiting a response from the factory in this matter and we will inform you as soon as possible."

I had to wait until the new year while my Dealer "contacted Jaguar" before they attempted a repair at the next standard service. Since that repair the headlight fault occurs on a regular basis. These animations show the way in which the adjuster seems to bounce one light and often leaves the left light pointing too high :

See the following Movies in the Multimedia Section
Flash Movie lights_06_02_2005
Flash Movie bouncing_and_resetting - note left light bouncing.
Flash Movie 18_04_2005_lights - note left light bouncing before returning lower than before.

67 kb Picture taken just before above animation. Left light too high.

Steering Wheel Squeak -
Loud squeaking / squealing noise from Steering Wheel

For over a year now I have been experiencing a very annoying squeaking / squealing from the steering column. This is PARTICULARLY noticeable when the weather is slightly damp and humid with a temperature of about 10°C - See the following Movies :
Flash Moviesqueaking_wheel
Flash Moviesqueaking_wheel_31_03_2005

I have had the procedure outlined in TSB S211-04 (See Jaguar TSBs) carried out in April 2004 but the irritating squeak remains.

This fault has finally been resolved by replacing the Steering Rack.

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