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 TSB - Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls from Jaguar + BMW E60 TSB
Jaguar S-Type TSBs
Technical Service Bulletins

TSBs - Technical Service Bulletins from Jaguar and BMW E60 and E63/64 (see under) discussing the Faults I have experienced.

TSB number Summary of Bulletin
TSB R-513

On certain passenger vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions, with the forward gear selected and the vehicle stationary or in a forward motion, the gearbox could potentially select reverse gear, without indication.

Internal : With the vehicle stationary, and Drive (D) is selected, the transmission may select Reverse (R) if there is insufficient oil pressure in the transmission and/or a sticking valve within the transmission. If this condition is
present, the vehicle will default to Mechanical Limp Home mode and the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) will illuminate.

TSB S307-17

Drifting of program for adaptive learning. Now involves both engine AND gearbox reprogramming to address customer concern of harsh transmission shifts, particularly 3 - 2, 2 -1 roll out and 1-2 up-shifts

The adaptive shift strategy drifting over time causing higher than normal clutch pressures.

To eliminate the issues outlined in the summary the transmission adaptions must be cleared and the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and the Engine Control Module (ECM) should be re-configured using the Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS) with software release JTP 759/35 or later. Should a customer express concern, follow the Service Instruction outlined below.

TSB S307-15 This Technical Bulletin has been issued to address customer concerns of a squeal or squeak noise heard during gearshifts under acceleration.
TSB S307-14 This Technical Bulletin has been issued to address a customer concern of a surge in excess of 150rpm during engine warm up, at a temperature of 30°C to 50°C and at a vehicle speed in the region of 40mph (64.3kph) to 60mph (96.5kph).
TSB S307-13
Model VIN
4.2L NA
4.2L S/C

Some of the above vehicles may exhibit the MIL illuminating with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0741 (Torque Converter Clutch Stuck Open) logged in the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and Engine Control Module (ECM).

It has been found that there is a fault with the clutch lining of the torque converter. A modified torque converter is now available to resolve the concern.

TSB S307-12 This Technical Bulletin has been issued to address customer complaints of an automatic transmission driveline clonk/knocking when changing gear from reverse to drive, fifth to fourth or second to first.
TSB S307-11

Growling Noise In 4th Gear During Warmup – V6 Engines - ZF6HP26 Transmission – Reconfigure TCM - 2003 MY-ON S-TYPE 3.0L

Some 2003 MY-ON 3.0L S-TYPE vehicles may experience a growling noise during warmup when the vehicle is in 4th gear. This noise is caused by the torque converter. The TCM can be reprogrammed to solve this concern.

TSB S307-10

Owners of some 2003 MY S-TYPE vehicles, within the VIN range M44998-M81000, may experience the following issues:

  • Transmission Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminating and Diagnostic Trouble
  • Code (DTC)P0606 logged.
  • Transmission hesitating and then thumping into gear from 2 – 1..
  • Transmission judder in second gear.

To eliminate these issues,the Transmission Control Module (TCM) should be
reprogrammed using the Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS) with software release JTP 759/23 or later.

TSB S307-09 A/T - Harsh Shifts/MIL ON When in Reverse, DTC P0736
TSB S303-19 This Technical Bulletin has been issued to address customer drivability concerns of rough Idle, restricted performance and poor harsh transmission shifts. There is also the possibility of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) stored in the Engine Control Module (ECM), these codes being P0174, P0171, P0301 to P0308, P1316 and P1582. VIN M45255 to M92677
TSB S100-10 Drivetrain - Thump From Rear of Vehicle
TSB S204-11 This Technical Bulletin has been issued to address customer concerns of:
· On manual vehicles, a thump from the rear of the vehicle when changing gear.
· On automatic vehicles, thump from the rear when accelerating after a period of deceleration.
TSB S412-05 A/C - Climate Control Locks-Up on 23 Degrees Centigrade.
TSB S211-04 v2 This Technical Bulletin has been issued to address the possibility of a squeaking noise being emitted from the power steering system.
TSB S419-14 Navigation System - Telematics(R) Issues
TSB S501-09 Body - Water Leaks Diagnosis
TSB S204-12 Excess wear on the inner edge of the the front tyre treads. Modified toe specification.
TSB S204-S150 Campaign - Rear Wheel Alignment Inspection/Adjustment - Check/reset rear toe
On certain passenger vehicles, the electronic park brake module, which controls the application of the parking brake, may unintentionally apply the handbrake without any indication or warning to the driver.

Additional Notes (Jaguar internal FAQs)

Models: S-Type, XJ Saloon & XK Sports
Title: FAQ 13781 - ZF Automatic Transmission Adaption Reset
Engineer Name: Moore, Gerry (G.)
Last Modified, Date: 07-MAY-04
Category: Driveline
Symptom: 501000 Automatic Transmission Concerns
Q. WDS does not have the facility to reset the transmission adaptions on early level 6HP26 transmissions. This is needed to resolve harsh shift issues.

A. The facility to reset adaptions on ALL 6HP26 transmissions will be available from WDS disk 31.
The procedure can be accessed via the following route:

1. Enter the vehicle VIN and work through the screens to the 'Content Model' screen

2. From the 'Content Model' screen press the 'Vehicle Configuration' tab

3. Select 'Special Applications'

4. Select 'Transmission Control Module Adaption Clear'

5. Follow the on-screen instructions A further communication will be released with a procedure to assist with the resolution of harsh shift issues with this transmission.

Models: S-Type, XJ Saloon & XK Sports
Title: FAQ 3941 - 6HP26 transmission shift quality
Engineer Name: Payne, Gary (G.)
Last Modified, Date: 23-FEB-04
Category: Driveline
Symptom: 502000 Automatic Transmission Downshift Concerns
Content: (81,3962)
Q: Transmission up shift/down shift quality appears harsh.

A: If the above concern is identified on any vehicle fitted automatic transmission (ZF6HP26) the following process should be carried out: -

6 speed transmission adaption process:
This process must be carried out in normal mode (not sports).
The transmission oil temperature must be above 60 deg C (vehicle at normal operating temperature will ensure transmission above is 60 deg C)
Accelerate from rest with light throttle, 1-2, 2-3 and 3-4 shifts must occur with engine speed between 1300-1800 rpm (Supercharged vehicles between 1000-1500 rpm).
Continue to accelerate gently to 50 mph so that transmission shifts into 5th gear.
Brake gently to a standstill and hold footbrake on for at least 15 seconds.
This process should be carried out at least 5 times.

NOTE: The above process must be adhered to rigidly to ensure that the transmission adaptions are completed successfully.


BMW TSB - SIB240305 bulletin:

Harsh 2-1 Downshift

E60 (545i); E63/64 645(Ci/Cic) with 6HP26 up to 04/05

Customer may complain of the following:

An excessively harsh 2-1 downshift when decelerating to a stop, or

Transmission "bangs" into gear when accelerating from a full or a "rolling" stop
(vehicle did not come to a complete stop).

EGS software.

On a customer complaint basis only, reprogram/recode complete vehicle using SSS
with CIP on-line update 17.01, or higher.

Transmission temperature must remain below 50 deg C and trans shifter must be
placed in P position prior to the start of CIP programming.

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