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 Rear Brakes Fault on my Jaguar S-Type - Pads Burned out in less than 13,000 miles - Creaking - Tyre Wear

Brake malfunctioning - S-Type Rear brakes burned down to bare metal in under 13,000 miles

At around 13,000 miles I noticed a strange metal on metal grinding sound when braking. Upon investigating it became clear that one of the rear brakes on my S-Type had been seizing on, causing the brake pad material to burn away, letting metal against metal contact occur with the brake disc when braking. This caused clear heat damage to the rear brake disc. (See Flash Movie burned_out_brakes Movie in the Multimedia Section)

Rear Brake pads burned down to metal

My S-Type was booked into the local dealer twice to solve this problem while on holiday in Scotland - once for new replacement brake pads, then for a new replacement rear brake caliper.

The safety aspect is of note - Other owners have stated that the rear brakes have engaged while their S-Types have been in motion (See Owners' Feedback). It appears that Jaguar TSB R167 was released to address this issue. (See Jaguar TSBs : Technical Service Bulletins)

I am left with a heat damaged rear brake disc (See AA & TCS Reports) and a lack of confidence in the rear brakes.

UPDATE : Rear Brakes have been replaced by Main Dealer.

EVO Magazine's S-Type R experiences Rear Brake malfunction, gearbox errors and break down .....

EVO magazine in the UK is currently running an S-Type R and the journalist, Peter Tomalin, running this car has recently experienced this parking brake fault. Full article can be read here :


Continued electrical glitches on EVO's long term S-Type R traced to a "faulty wire" :


FINAL end-of-year write up for EVO's S-Type R contains reference & link to this site :



Front Brake creaking

In addition, the front brakes have always been noisy and creaky. Not what I expected from a Premium car manufacturer like Jaguar. These movies demonstrate very clearly the loud squeaking/creaking sound I experience when braking. (See Owners' Feedback now with 74 comments from Jaguar Owners)

See Flash Movie Creaking / Groaning Suspension and brakes Movie in the Multimedia Section

My Dealer says : "They all do that". Other S-Type Owners have reported their Dealers say : "They all do that". (See Owners' Feedback)

Tyre Wear

I asked my Dealer to check my tracking as I felt it was incorrect. They shrugged and said that an alignment check would not be covered by warranty. I duly paid for a full wheel alignment check. As noted later by the AA Engineer (See AA & TCS Reports) all 4 of my tyres had worn unevenly by 14,000 miles. I am now aware of two TSBs (See Jaguar TSBs for more Technical Service Bulletins) that discuss "revised" toe settings.

TSB S204-12 Excess wear on the inner edge of the the front tyre treads. Modified toe specification.
TSB S204-S150 Campaign - Rear Wheel Alignment Inspection/Adjustment - Check/reset rear toe

I have been informed by another S-Type owner that you must inform your Dealer within the first year to be able to have anything done under warranty. If you have an early S-Type check the insides of your front tyres.

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