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 Choice of seats - Sport seats ordered and paid for but not delivered

Choice of Seats ? - Sport seats ordered, Sport seats paid for, Classic seats delivered.

When I specified my car I wrote to my Dealer to confirm my order which clearly stated:

ledersitze Sport 10/8 mit memory 1,130

I never noticed that when I collected my new S-Type that the seats were incorrect. I double checked the invoice and the price quoted for the seats fitted to my new S-Type could ONLY be sport seats. I came from a previous model S-Type with Sport seats and the new seats were an improvement.

A few months later while looking at an S-Type in the showroom I realised I had the wrong seats. I immediately contacted my salesman and he replied :

Unfortunately, and as far as I can judge it, your car is equipped with the Classic 10/8 seat with memory for Fr. 590.-
But to be sure, I would suggest you to show me the car next time you are in Safenwil. Of course we will then credit the difference between both seats.

Sport or Classic ?

I was not happy with the offer of a 600 CHF refund when buying a 100,000 CHF S-Type, and then being left with the wrong seats. After many letters and phone calls I found, when returning to collect my car from a service, that my Dealer had replaced my Classic seats for a 2nd hand pair of Sport seats without informing me !

This was not the level of professionalism I expected when purchasing a Premium automobile from Jaguar.


The REAL experience of owning a 2003 Jaguar S-Type      The REAL experience of Swiss "Quality"
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